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Need to roll out new policies, produce a winning RFP, or document new software for the sales team? 

Big projects invariably entail evolving goals, multiple authors, conflicting agendas, tight deadlines, and myriad iterations. All of which can turn even stellar teams into cranky mobs, who just want the pain to be over, whether the outcome “works" or not.

We know your subject matter experts (SMEs) already have full-time jobs. We interview them efficiently to obtain their specialized knowledge, enabling them to return to the positions at which they excel . . . while Persuasive Pages concentrates on the writing.

Corporate Communications

Our only "attachment" to a particular tool, method, process, or style is that it best transmits your message. Do you need formality for an annual report or international science paper? Want a more relaxed style for a speech or blog? We offer clear communication that speaks in your voice.

Technical Writing

Working with subject matter experts (SMEs), we create:

  • software user guides (for end users or administrators)
  • manuals (our record is an 18-volume ISO 9000-compliant set of maritime procedures . . . and, yes, we covered what to do in case of pirate attack)
  • collateral and content on topics ranging from nuclear engineering to estate planning for Baby Boomers.

Instructional Design

Whether your training is delivered via trainer-led sessions or self-paced e-Learning modules, we can develop courses so learners can master and retain content easily, quickly, and pleasurably.


We have collaborated on the following types of projects:

e-Learning courses
fact sheets
ISO 9000 documentation
operations manuals
press releases

process documentation
project descriptions
Red Team reviews
reports (including EIRs)
software manuals
SF 254 / 255s
train-the-trainer collateral
white papers
web content

Because most work is completed under proprietary agreement, redacted writing samples are available upon request.

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